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Fixed Fee Services

Family Law


We specialize in all areas of family law, offering a comprehensive range of services to support and guide you through any family law matter. Our expertise includes handling divorce proceedings, property settlements, child custody and support issues, spousal maintenance, and prenuptial agreements. We also provide legal assistance in cases of domestic violence and intervention orders, ensuring sensitive and skilled handling of these complex matters.


Fixed Fees

Form 11 - Financial Settlement Documents (Non-Complex) - $2,999

Form 11 - Financial Settlement Documents (Complex - Super Splitting) - $3,499

Form 1 - Initiating Application Documents (Parenting) - $3,499

Form 1 - Initiating Application Documents (Financial) - $3,499

Form 1 - Initiating Application Documents (Combined) - $4,999

Binding Financial Agreements (Pre-nuptuals) - $4,999

Binding Financial Agreement Advice and Certificate - $999

Divorce Application Documents - $999


Criminal Law


We possess extensive expertise in all facets of criminal law, providing a broad spectrum of services to our clients. We specialize in areas such as DUI and traffic offenses, assault and violent crimes, drug offenses, theft and property crimes, fraud and financial offenses, and bail applications. Our team also has significant experience in dealing with more severe indictable charges.


Fixed Fees

Magistrates Court Sentencing Hearing (Plea of Guilty) - $2,499

District Court Sentencing Hearing (Plea of Guilty) - $3,499

Extraordinary Driver's License Application - $3,499

Traffic Offence (single hearing) - $1,999

Restraining Orders


We offers specialized legal services in the area of restraining order law, adeptly representing both applicants and respondents. We understand the sensitivity and urgency of these matters and are committed to providing tailored support and guidance. Our team excels in assisting clients with out-of-court resolutions, including the negotiation of conduct agreement orders or undertakings, which often lead to more amicable and efficient outcomes..


Fixed Fees

Single Day Restraining Order Trial (including preparation) - $5,499

Negotiation Letter and proposed undertaking or conduct agreement - $799

Wills and Estates


Our expertise extends to all facets of estate management, ensuring comprehensive and compassionate legal support. We skillfully handle the preparation of wills, detailed estate planning, and proficient estate litigation, including challenging wills and negotiating settlements. Our services also encompass probate, guiding clients through the complexities of validating a will with efficiency and care. Additionally, we assist with letters of administration, offering clear and precise guidance


Fixed Fees

Single Will (Non-Complex) - $499

Couples Wills (Non-Complex) - $749

Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) - $150

Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG) - $150

Advanced Medical Directive - $150

Probate Application - $2,499

Letters of Administration - $2,999

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