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Wills & Estates

Wills and Estate Planning

Estate planning is so important. There is lots to consider beyond who your executor and beneficiaries should be. We have helped many people set up their affairs for peace of mind. 

Please contact our friendly team for advice on (08) 9408 5212 or to book a meeting to discuss your estate affairs now.


Below are some examples of ways in which having an experienced wills and estate lawyer can assist.


Good estate planning begins with a well-prepared will.  Planning for your family’s future after you’re gone is a really important legal task. If you take the time now to make an effective legally binding Will and Testament you can save your family not only stress but money in what will undoubtedly be a difficult time for them.

Carter Dickens Lawyers have experienced Wills lawyers based in Joondalup who can help you prepare a binding Will and Testament today. We have fixed fees for more simple wills and we can also assist with highly complex wills and testamentary trust arrangements. Our lawyers can advise you as to what best suits your needs.

Estate planning


Many people are rightfully concerned that the people they leave behind get their fair share and that their estate affairs can be managed easily in their absence. Having a sound estate plan can assist to make it easier for whoever you choose to administer your estate. Increasingly, people need to consider how their superannuation and insurance may affect their estate. We can advise on how best to set up your estate affairs including by having a will, EPA, EPG or even a trust fund.

Understandably our clients often want to make sure their estate is protected as much as it can be from the risk of potential claims. There are a few different things you can do to best prepare your estate. You may also want to consider family law and taxation consequences to your estate.

For more complex estates we are also experienced with liaising with other lawyers, accountants and financial planners to ensure estate arrangements are clear and secure. We have experience in drafting testamentary family trusts or trust for children and grandchildren.

 We able to advise on existing family trust, business and corporate structures, and how these interact with your estate planning. We can also advise on your best to own your real estate.

Enduring Power of Attorney and Guardianship

We often recommend clients prepare Enduring Power of Attorneys (EPA) and Enduring Power of guardianship (EPG) documents as part of their future planning. Essentially, the EPA is for financial and property decisions and transactions. The EPG on the other hand is for health, lifestyle and treatment decisions. These documents only come into effect if and when you need them to and are used during your lifetime as required.

If in the future, for whatever reason, you are unable to make decisions on your own behalf your trusted appointee can step in and make the decisions necessary to make sure you are looked after properly.


Advanced Health Directive

In consultation with your doctor you may also prepare an Advanced Health Directive to ensure your wishes regarding treatment are followed in the event of incapacity.

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