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Traffic Law

Traffic Offences and Applications

It is true to say that traffic law is probably one area of the law that we most interact with day-to-day. That’s because we spend so much time in our cars. We often see people who have never been in trouble with the law but have had an accident or a one-off incident that now requires legal advice. It can happen to anyone and getting some solid advice is very important. It is crucial to get the right evidence before the Court and that can include character references and medical evidence. We are able to put submissions to the Magistrate to explain your side of the story in legal terms.

We are able to assist you in all aspects of traffic law including matters under the Road Traffic Act 1974 and its subsidiary legislation. The law related to traffic is complex and we have assisted many people navigate the legal system. There are many traffic laws from minor infringements to speeding and drink driving up to tragic incidents involving death or serious injury.


We provide legal advice and court representation for all traffic offences and vehicle offences. This can include going to Court to represent you at a trial or appear as you counsel for sentencing. We can also give you advice in meetings prior to going to Court.


We can provide advice on all manner of licensing matters. We provide advice on traffic infringements, Licence Suspensions and disqualifications


We are experienced in providing advice on the merits of Extraordinary Drivers Licence applications. We have helped many people to prepare the best documents possible for Court, gather relevant evidence to assist their case, and negotiate with traffic prosecution authorities such as the Department of Transport. We can attend the Court as your lawyer at the hearing of the matter. There is no doubt that having a lawyer for an extraordinary licence application gives you a much better chance of success. 


We also assist people to make lifetime ban lift applications and spent conviction applications. This can include gathering and presenting material to show what’s changed in your life since the original offences happened. 


Licensing matters we can assist with include:

  • Extraordinary Drivers Licences (EDL)

  • Lifetime bans (application to lift lifetime ban):

  • Spent conviction applications

  • Demerit point issues


Traffic Offences we can assist you with include:

  • Driving while unlicensed or disqualified

  • Dangerous driving causing death, grievous bodily harm or bodily harm

  • Careless driving causing death, grievous bodily harm or bodily harm

  • Driving in reckless manner or careless driving

  • Dangerous driving

  • Causing excessive noise or smoke from vehicle’s tyres

  •  Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or alcohol and drugs

  •  Driving with blood alcohol content of or above 0.08, 0.05 or 0.02

  • Failure to provide a sample

  • Speeding offences

  • Other criminal law matters related to road traffic and vehicle law.


Anything can happen on the road and you should know that Carter Dickens Lawyers can help you in all areas of traffic law if something has gone wrong while you are behind the wheel.

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